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What Are the Most Common Health Problems of Older Adults?

A senior man pressing his chest with both hands suffering from chest pain.

Around 49% of the total population in the United States is 65 and older. With age, your risk of developing many ailments can increase, and maintaining good health becomes vital.   Senior living communities can provide a home-like atmosphere offering unique lifestyle options. These are designed to support older adults and the health challenges that accompany […]

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How to Release Tight Hips for Seniors

An elderly man is having a hard time standing from a sitting position. Holding his hips while standing

Mobility can be difficult for seniors, leading to stiffness, especially in the hips. When supporting your health, how can you release tight hips? What lifestyle changes can you make to improve your flexibility?  Continue reading to learn more about how to release tight hips if you’re an older adult.  The Importance of the Hips in […]

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